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Owner - Tara Perkins 

Growing up in a small town in Eastern Oregon taught Tara the value of hard work and creating lasting relationships. Her family background of cattle ranching and concrete/asphalt construction instilled the importance of doing the job right and not finishing until it was done. Tara credits these values as the foundation of her success in creating and building careers in three industries. 

With a woman's perspective, Tara started PNT to provide individuals and companies the highest quality of work with a team that delivers the best in expertise, products, and customer service. 

Contractors You Can Trust
With over 30 years of experience, our contractors have extended résumé working as a general contractor in both commercial and residential projects.  There expertise, knowledge, experience, and dependability in executing high quality work means they specialize in projects of all sizes. There knack for always getting the job done right makes great leaders.

We honor your vision with excellent workmanship, competitive fees and our ability to deliver outstanding results. 

Our wide range of services and team of professionals can bring your dreams to life. Contact us today!

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